February ushered in a magazine cover and 10-page spread in both Tampa Style Magazine and Orlando Style Magazine. On the Tampa Style Magazine cover, I am in a dress that is Valentine inspired- red, glamorous, sumptuous. Oozing with “ous.” Fabulous, tremendous, stupendous! It is a gorgeous (there I go again) open backed red dress from Neiman Marcus that was styled with a necklace in the back instead of front. It has an incredibly feminine trumpet silhouette and a beautiful open back that accentuates the non-conventional sexy parts of a woman: the nape of the neck, the curve of the back. The dress was styled with Valentino heels that did not sit well on the grass upon which I was standing, so we shot the image as I held the shoes and stood in bare feet.

The spread was shot at a mansion in Windermere Florida that was modern from the inside out. It had geometric lines, angular art, glass walls, and a breathtaking view on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Established oak trees hanging heavy with spanish moss dotted the shoreline and wildlife was abundant. A pristine spot, indeed.

I have included the magazine tearsheets as well as the images from the shoot that I personally love that didn’t make it into the magazine. A little peek into my world.

Tammara Kohler of Fused Fashion pulled from Neiman Marcus and styled each look in an uniquely beautiful way. Louboutin shoes, Calvin Klein dresses, statement jewelry galore. The black dress that I am wearing would typically be seen at a gala type event, party, or other type of nice gathering. Tammara made the look edgy and interesting by pairing it with a face shield and lace up black boots. It is amazing how the outfit you are wearing can dramatically alter your posing and mood. In the Calvin Klein navy blue dress it was more simple, soft, sweet. The black look outside instantly made me feel more unique/unusual/creative, and that is channeled through the photos.

Amanda Stone did makeup. Angel Cardona did hair. In fact, he used an assistant to hold a small box against my head, then pulled my hair into a tight bun around the box. Apparently the look was inspired by Paris Fashion Week.

Photography/Art Direction was by Michael Giragosian. The male model was Callum King. The stylist assistants were Gettys Fagg and Farhana Kahn. Interior design by Megan Morris and clothing by Neiman Marcus. Special thanks to Megan for saving my life when I was absolutely famished at the end of the shoot by providing food!