This blog is dedicated to food. But what kind of food, you ask?

Not your typical food. Not your average burger, eggplant parmesan, or turkey sandwich with neatly sliced tomatoes and perfectly shredded lettuce. Not your everyday pepperoni pizza, cheesy enchilada with refried beans and rice, vegetable lasagna, or grilled steak and potatoes.

Weird food.

People that know me know one thing with certainty. Aside from not eating red meat, I like bizarre food. I mean stuff most people wouldn’t touch. Like licorice (thanks to my Swiss heritage,) mustard on everything, frozen petite peas with cracked pepper, GUMMY BEARS. I love gummy bears. It is ‘that’ kind of love. An insatiable love. Unwavering since childhood. I sometimes marry a handful of gummies with peanuts. Happiness. I almost always cook with garlic and onions. I like big flavor. There is simply never enough grey poupon/honey mustard/stone ground mustard to go around. Olives and pickles are my jam. A one-man show, they are. Muesli and basler-leckerli thanks again to the Swiss background. I like the occasional sardine on a cracker.

Riley also enjoys bizarre food.

He is a regular eater of rogue fecal matter and unidentifiable dead things in the yard.

Bizarre foodies, unite.

I have had many a person call me out over my unusual pairings. I have accepted I enjoy strange food, just as I’ve accepted that my last name is almost impossible for people to pronounce correctly. Click here if you missed that post! I am of the opinion that mustard tastes good on mostly EVERYTHING. Possibly one of my oddest combinations is tzatziki sauce, peas, and strawberry jam. Straight up or dipped onto a ritz cracker. Salsa is a wonderful and completely acceptable salad dressing. Hearts of palm dipped in straight balsamic vinegar are a regular snack. Blackened brussels sprouts are a delicacy. Currently craving shwarma thanks to some well-delivered lines from The Avengers.

Possibly some of you remember this photo from my attempt at gluten-free cookies. This was one weird food that I won’t repeat.

So lesbian videos I figured providing a Weird Food recipe in keeping with the spirit of this blog would be appropriate.

Curried Cauliflower Recipe


One head cauliflower
Olive Oil
Chicken Base/Chicken Stock
Curry Powder
Crushed Red Pepper (Optional)
Salt gay sex video and Pepper to taste
I also added Mussaman Indian Curry Paste to help bring even more flavor. Found it in the fridge. I think/hope Publix has it for you Southeasterners! And if you’re lucky enough to live where there is a Trader Joes: Jealous, but I digress. You’ll likely find it there. It also doesn’t have to be EXACTLY that type of cartoon porn videos curry. Any kind of curry base works. It’s all good.

Heat mobile porn skillet on medium with large dollop of olive oil in the bottom.

While it heats, cut out the thick inside stem of the cauliflower and then cut off the pieces from the base. (Make sure you leave the stalks on the caulifower, you do not want just the heads) Pull apart gently with your fingers until you have a bunch of cauliflower pieces. See picture below because I feel fairly certain I did a terrible job of getting that into words.

In a bowl, combine a spoonful of chicken base, spoonful of the mussaman curry and about 1-2 tablespoons of the powdered curry depending on how much flavor you’re going for. (I always taste throughout and add more if I need to.) Add 1 cup water and stir the curry, chicken base and water until blended. Pour into skillet and add the cauliflower.

Dust the pieces with cracked pepper and crushed red pepper flakes. Let cook for about 7-10 minutes on one side, then use tongs to turn over cauliflower pieces.

Move gay porn the skillet around by tipping it so that the curried water soaks each piece. After turning pieces over, cover skillet and cook for about another 10 minutes.

You can flip them a few more times. Look for the cauliflower pieces to turn the curry-yellow color to make sure the pieces are evenly dispersed with flavor. Make them as small or large as you like. I like my pieces large so I covered them to ensure even steaming. If you make smaller pieces, you may leave the skillet uncovered. They are done when they soften but make sure not to overcook. Al dente works best.

Yum! I like to let it cool a little first. It is a great side dish or snack. It’s filling so it can also be eaten as a meal. If you’d like a bizarre pairing suggestion, try dipping the pieces in ranch dressing.

Random current listen that I am loving:
Lost (Chill Version) | Sunlounger

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a turkey sandwich with neatly sliced tomatoes and perfectly shredded lettuce with the rest of ‘em. Just make sure it’s slathered with several mustard flavors and throw on a few banana peppers for luck!